Enterprise Park

Enterprise Park is a 70-acre property located at the southeast corner of Schwark Road and US-12 in Three Oaks Township, just west of the Village of Three Oaks. The property is owned by the Township and leased to a farmer for agricultural production. The property has approximately 980 feet of frontage on US-12 and aside from use as a farm, has never been developed.

For about a decade, the property was offered for sale and listed as available for light industrial purposes. However, little interest has been expressed and, despite efforts, it was never purchased by a private party or developed. In the fall of 2011, Three Oaks Township submitted a grant application to The Pokagon Fund to assist with planning and market analyses for future development of Enterprise Park. The grant request was approved and in the spring of 2012, Three Oaks Township formed a Study Committee to work with a planning consultant to facilitate the process. The Committee included representation from the Village of Three Oaks in an effort to continue collaborative efforts between the two jurisdictions.

The Enterprise Park Development Plan, adopted in 2013, outlines a strategy for implementing the vision for Enterprise Park.  A summary of recommendations includes:

  • Support Mixed Land Uses.  The Plan supports a mix of land uses on the site, including those identified in the Preferred Concept prepared by the public, as well as the optimal and supportive land uses identified in the market assessment.  These include uses such as medical offices, senior housing, a small park at the southwest corner of the site, and other uses as listed in Section 6.
  • Amend Master Plan. Amend the Township Master Plan to recognize and reference this Plan.  The Master Plan amendment should modify the site’s future land use designation on the future land use map, as well as include a new descriptive narrative illustrating the vision.  The Zoning Plan will also be updated.
  • Amend Zoning Ordinance.  Amend the Township Zoning Ordinance to permit the land uses and the flexibility that are encouraged in the Plan.  This likely will involve enacting a new zoning district that will apply only to Enterprise Park.  The new district should feature a descriptive intent statement, permitted and special land uses consistent with the Preferred Concept and the optimal and supportive land uses identified in the market assessment, and specific standards pertaining to site configuration and design.  The new district should be written in such a way that allows the continuation of farming on the site until it is developed.
  • Marketing.  Engage in a robust marketing campaign to actively recruit developers and interested operators.  Specific suggestions are listed in the plan.
  • Make the Site “Shovel-Ready.” Make the site as “shovel-ready” as possible by evaluating utility extension possibilities, as well as interior road infrastructure.
    Explore Funding Partners.  Possible funding opportunities are discussed in the Plan as options to be further explored, either by the Township or in conjunction with potential operators and developers.  These and other funding possibilities should continually be reviewed and assessed.

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