Informal Town Hall Meeting

Village & Township Resident Notice


On the November 3, 2020 General Election residents of both the Village and Township of Three Oaks will be asked to vote on three (3) Public Safety millages. An “Informational Town Hall” meeting will be held at St. Mary of the Assumption Hall, 28 W. Ash St., on Wednesday, September 23, 2020@ 7:00 pm. Representatives from the Township, Village, Police, Fire and Ambulance will be available to answer questions. Face Masks will be required for entry to this meeting. This meeting notice will be placed on both the Three Oaks Village and Township websites.

This millage request has been placed on the ballot because of the termination of the landfill tipping fees that ceased operation in the 1st Quarter of 2017. Previously the Three Oaks Township General Fund has received this revenue and was able to support the Police patrols in the Township along with providing Fire and Ambulance services to both the Village and Township.

In September, 2019 Three Oaks Township received a letter from The State of Michigan, Department of Treasury, that although the Township’s General Fund contained a healthy reserve “expenditures have exceeded revenues for the last three (3) years. The matter is either a violation of state statute or is a deficiency of the local unit that may impede the local unit’s ability to comply with state statute.” The Township was asked to “submit to us a detailed Corrective Action Plan to resolve the above mentioned matter.” This millage request is a result of the above-mentioned situation.

Concerning the three (3) millage requests, Three Oaks Township residents will be asked to vote on all three (3) proposals, whereas the Village residents will vote on the Ambulance and Fire millage.

Copies of the ballot proposals are available at both the Village and Township halls.

Thank you,

George A. Mangold
Supervisor, Three Oaks Township