The Township is hosting a recycling program for all its residents.  If you have not received your bin, or if you have one and do now want to participate, please call the Township Hall at 756-9801 and ask let the Clerk or Supervisor know.

Pickup dates are every other week as follows:

June 2013

Zone 1: June 11 and 25
Zone 2: June 12 and 26

Zone 1 – East of Lakeside Rd, South of Elm Valley Rd, West of Three Oaks Rd, North of US 12. This zone includes all of the Village.

Zone 2 – West of Avery Rd, South of Elm Valley Rd, East of Three Oaks Rd & all of the area North of the State Line to US 12.

The following is a list of materials that can be placed together in the recycling can.  Items can be placed in the can together and do not need to be separated. Please rinse food residue out of cans and milk jugs.

  • Paper and Cartons: Books, Cardboard, Catalogs and magazines, Cereal and cracker boxes, Computer paper and office paper, Egg cartons, Gift wrap, Juice boxes and cartons, Junk mail, Milk cartons, Newspaper and inserts, Paper
    bags, Shoe boxes, Shopping bags, Telephone books
  • Metals: Empty and rinse cans. Aerosol cans, Aluminum cans (empty), Aluminum furniture, Aluminum pie pans and foil, Bimetal containers, Food cans and pet food cans, Metal lids and caps from glass bottles, Pots and pans
  • Glass: Empty and rinse bottles & jars. Brown, clear and green glass bottles and jars (e.g. beverage bottles, food jars, wine bottles)
  • Plastics and Polystyrene: All plastics labeled on or near the bottom with a number and letters contained within and beneath a triangle shaped “chasing arrows” symbol, packing peanuts, Beverage bottles (e.g. soda, water,) Bleach & household cleaner bottles, Egg cartons, Flower pots, Foam packing (e.g. hard packing around computers or stereos), Food containers (e.g. cottage cheese and margarine tubs, yogurt cups), Plastic bags, Prescription bottles

Please no garbage!