Three Oaks Planning Commission will be holding a Public Hearing for a request for:

[   x  ] Special Land Use

[     ] Zoning Change

[     ] House occupation

[     ] Other

on the following described property: 11-20-0012-0006-01-3 at17860 Phillips                           Road, Three Oaks, MI 49128. The request is for a Special Land Use Permit for the purpose a Pottery Studio.                                                                                                                        Should any person have any comments on this request, please appear at the Public Hearing which will be held on Tuesday  August 23rd,2022 at 7:00 in the Three Oaks Township Hall at 6810 US Hwy 12, Three Oaks, MI 49128 at which time you may express your views on the matter in person or by counsel. Written or faxed comments must be submitted to this office prior to the hearing in order to become part of the hearing report. Complete copy on file at the Township Hall.

Elizabeth Zabel

Three Oaks Township Clerk

6810 US Hwy 12

Three Oaks, MI 49128

1-269-756-9801 ext 5

1-269-756-2209 Fax

Persons requiring reasonable accommodations to disabilities in order that meetings are accessible to them are requested to notify the Township Clerk at 1-269-756-9801 ext 5 no later than 5 days prior to the date of the meeting of such disability.